Emissions Trading

The (European Union Emissions Trading System – EU ETS) is the main instrument adopted by the European Union to achieve the CO2 reduction objectives in the main industrial and in the aviation sectors. The system was introduced and governed in European Union legislation by Directive 2003/87/EC (ETS Directive).

Etacarinae will support you in ensuring compliance with the emission quantification and restitution regulations under the ETS and in identifying opportunities for emission reductions through specific technical solutions and improvements to the monitoring methodology.

Together, we will follow a path that will go beyond simple annual compliance, identifying quota management programmes taking into account business development strategies through:

  • The implementation or updating of the monitoring procedure and drafting of the new monitoring plan pursuant to Regulation No. 601/2012;
  • Support in the authorisation to emit greenhouse gases stage;
  • Handling of the request for modification of the authorisation and the investigation for the free allocation of CO2 allowances;
  • Support in the preparation of documents and in the inspection visit during the emission verification stage;
  • Reporting of emissions;
  • Documentary verification: strategic analysis, risk analysis, assessment of emissions inventory, of data collection methods, of calculation methods and of reporting;
  • Process verification: examination of the completeness of the sources and flows, of the monitoring methodology implemented by the plant, of the procedures for acquiring data and of assessing uncertainty;
  • Reporting through the drafting of the internal verification and production report and sending the verification declaration to the manager.

Sustainability in the energy industry

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