EtaCarinae S.r.l.

The ever-increasing relevance of biofuels in the European and global markets led in 2015 to the foundation of Etacarinae by a team of professionals coming from the certification, business development and commodities trading sector.

Etacarinae immediately set as top-notch company in managing sustainability issues related to biofuels. Keeping constantly up to date with the market and regulatory evolution of the biofuels industry led Etacarine to become a worldwide leader company in this specific context.

Our biggest challenge and commitment are to support the biofuels and bioliquids supply chain:

  • ensuring complete and detailed traceability of biofuels and bioliquids traded in the EU and extra EU market;
  • following the development of new technologies and feedstock, in order to provide the best service in the current regulatory and economic framework;
  • dealing and mediate with companies, certification bodies and Italian Public Authorities to ensure the respect of the sustainability requirements of all products traded into the EU and extra EU market.


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