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Giulia Mariani - Etacarinae S.r.l.

Giulia Mariani

Biofuels sustainability consultant, Mass Balance Specialist

Starting with a university background in International Affairs and Economics, I developed an interest in climate change and sustainable development solutions while working as a Research Assistant for the United Nations University for Environment and Human Security in Bonn, Germany.

I then decided to follow this road by taking the M.Sc. Programme in Environmental Management and Policy at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University in Sweden. The programme had a strong practical approach and provided me the opportunity to work with several clients in the energy field.

After graduation, I did an internship as external researcher for the Horizon 2020 Project, conducting research on nature-based solutions in five Italian cities and the city of Barcelona.

I am a qualified auditor for ISO standards with experience working with quality, safety and environment management systems.

Since October 2019 I joined the EtaCarinae s.r.l. team as sustainability consultant for biofuels and bioliquids.

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