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Andrea Zorzo - Etacarinae S.r.l.

Andrea Zorzo

Consultant en durabilité des biocarburants, ISCC EU –PLUS –DE, Spécialiste en bilan de masse, Spécialiste GES, Système de certification national
Biofuels sustainability consultant, GHG Specialist, Mass Balance Specialist, National certification scheme

I am a passionate Sustainability professional. My dedication to sustainability issues is backed up with a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Science, a PG Cert in Industrial Sustainability and the involvement in several projects in Italy, UK and Malaysia.

Since my graduation project (Environmental Assessment of timber harvesting through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Methodology) I have always been interested in the sustainability of products and practices. In the years following my graduation I had the chance of working in different countries such as Malaysia, with palm oil producers in order to promote sustainable practices along the supply chain; the UK, with the clay brick industry as sustainability researcher and Italy, with different industries (textile, steel, plastic, food..) as life cycle assessment consultant.

In 2019 I have joined the team of Etacarinae working as a sustainability consultant

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