Andrea Zorzo

GHG-Spezialist, ISCC EU –PLUS –DE, Mass Balance Spezialist, Nachhaltigkeitsberater für Biokraftstoffe, Nationales Zertifizierungssystem
Biofuels sustainability consultant, GHG Specialist, Mass Balance Specialist, National certification scheme

I am a passionate Sustainability professional. My dedication to sustainability issues is backed up with a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Science, a PG Cert in Industrial Sustainability and the involvement in several projects in Italy, UK and Malaysia.

Since my graduation project (Environmental Assessment of timber harvesting through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Methodology) I have always been interested in the sustainability of products and practices. In the years following my graduation I had the chance of working in different countries such as Malaysia, with palm oil producers in order to promote sustainable practices along the supply chain; the UK, with the clay brick industry as sustainability researcher and Italy, with different industries (textile, steel, plastic, food..) as life cycle assessment consultant.

In 2019 I have joined the team of Etacarinae working as a sustainability consultant

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